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Gaggia Classic - PRO

SKU: 14101 $499.00
Gaggia's top of the line home machine encased in a solid stainless steel durable housing that will not rust or flake overtime. The portafilter handle includes a stainless steel dispensing beak. This improved evenness of the espresso flow when split between 2 demitasse cups or shot glasses. All Gaggia espresso machines received a new Pannarello style frother. This wand has proved to be both easier to use, and clean.
? Commercial chrome plated brass portafilter handle
? Commerciall Brew Group and 3-Way Solenoid Valve
? 17.5 Bar Pump and High Wattage Boiler
? Stainless Steel Housing
? Cup Warmer
? Improved Turbo Frother
? Coffee Pod Ready
? Comes with a Guide to Gaggia and a Interactive instructional CD

Colors: Brushed Stainless Steel (shown).
Accessories included: Single/Pod and Double stainless steel filter baskets, plastic tamper, perfect crema disk and 7 gram cofee scoop.
Product Specifications
Body: Brushed Stainless Steel
Power Supply: V120 1425W
Reservoir Capacity: 72 oz
Water Source: Removable
Max. Pump Pressure: 17.5 Bar