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Musso: Ragusa $4,699.00

SKU: Ragusa $4,699.00
MSRP $5,199.99
Musso RAGUSA Commercial Batch Ice Cream Maker is named after beautiful citiy of the Istria peninsula and of the Dalmatian coast that used to be part of the Italian Nation for history, culture, language and tradition. With capacities of 3 Qts., this init can make a frozen dessert in less than 20 minutes. The housing including bowls, are made of brushed and polished stainless steel with matching stainless steel blade. Operation is simplified by the use of a Timer which works in conjunction with a Churn and Chill switches.
RAGUSA dessert maker has a non removable stainless steel bowl for easy cleaning.
? Makes Ice Cream, Sorbets, Frozen Drinks and Yogurt.
? Made in Italy.
? Simple Controls RAGUSA Is Completely Self Contained Freezing Unit. Place The Ingredients Into The Bowl , And In less Than 20 Minutes the Ice Cream should be ready.
? Shuts Off Automatically If Batch Becomes Too Hard
Drain valve for easy cleaing.
? Easy To clean and Use
? Moveable wheels
? Shuts Off Automatically If batch Becomes Too Hard
? No Salt No Ice, No Need For Additives ? All Stain-Less Steel Housing and Blade
? Non-Removable Bowl
? Timer Works With Conjunction With Chum and Chill Switch
? Capacity 6 Qts.
? Hourly Production 16 Qts.
? Dimensions (H 33" x W 17 x D 24")
? Weight 231 Lbs.
? Power 1120 Watts -Vh HP
? Electrical 220 Volt - 60Hz
? Refrigerant R22