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Musso pola motor assembly, 120 volts

SKU: M503015 $276.00
This is the motor for the Musso Pola 5030, L2, L2A, P180 or some call it Stella model.

1) Remove the 8 screws securing rear panel. Remove panel.
2) Remove the 4 screws securing stainless top to wrap-around.
3) Remove the 6 screws (3 on each side) securing the wrap-around to the base. (these screws go from the bottom-up)
4) Pull wrap-around away from the machine just enough to remove only the wires needed to completely disconnect the wrap-around from the unit. This is a good time to mark wire positions. Remove the wrap-around.
5) Looking from the rear, locate the 2, 4mm set bolts securing the gearbox to the shaft guide. These don’t have to be removed, just loosened.
6) Remove the yellow and black wires from the terminal strip as well as the ground wire. (green w/yellow stripe, 7mm nut)
7) Prop up the machine to remove the motor mount bolt. (also from the bottom-up with a 13mm box wrench or 6mm hex head cap bolt)
8) Gently lift up the stainless top and rotate to work the motor and shaft down and away from the machine. A rubber mallet may have to be used to aid in the removal. Find something to support the one corner of the top after removal and while working on the gearbox assembly.
9) Use a light grease when reassembling. With the lower gearbox secured to the motor, “fill the cup around the motor shaft” with grease. This will do nothing but possibly aid in deterring some liquid from running down into the motor in the case of an overfill. Dab a little grease on all nylon bearing surfaces and on gear face. Reassemble.
10) Reinstall motor and gearbox assembly into machine making sure shaft guide is seated fully into gearbox collar. Now with the base again propped up, start motor mount bolt and finger tighten only. You will notice that when you turn the motor it changes the “angle” of the top. What you want to do now is to align the condenser to the rear of the top edge. When you think the alignment is correct, tighten down the 2 4mm set bolts. The bolts position should be in the same spot as original. (this can be seen by the original factory wear marks made by the Allen wrench in the Styrofoam)
11) Secure black and yellow wire to terminal strip as well as the ground wire and the yellow and red capacitor wires.
12) Set the wrap-around close enough to the unit to attach the wires to the switches.
13) With churn and chill switches OFF, plug unit into outlet, rotate timer and check to see if churn motor operates. You can now test the chill switch BUT, because of the lack of support from the wrap-around, cooling fan operation may be impeded by the Styrofoam insulation so compressor may operate only. Normal operating procedure is cooling fan operates at the same time!
14) Unplug machine and secure churn blade to shaft. Spin blade by hand making certain blade does not scrape bowl. If good, continue. If scrapping occurs, realign motor to bowl.
15) Install wrap-around with the 6 screws. DO NOT TIGHTEN AT THIS TIME.
16) Secure the 4 screws for the stainless top to wrap-around.
17) Install rear panel and tighten screws.
18) At this time, tighten the 6 wrap-around screws.
19) Re-test blade by hand. If good, test switches. Churn blade should turn without scrapping and with the compressor operating the cooling fan should be as well.
20) Tighten motor mount bolt.