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Dualit timer Mi7 (Dualit original part)

SKU: dup01362 $40.00
USE IN PLACE OF Mi2 and TTI660 timer

This is the Mi7 timer and can be used on all Dualit classic toasters. (not the dualit oven 89100/89220 or Dualit Lite / Studio toasters)
Installation is simple as there are only 4 wires to pull off and push on.
The timer will comes with a new knob. New Terminal connectors with piggy pack if you have 6 wire version and screws to attach timer to housing.


1. With the appliance unplugged, remove crumb tray.
2. Gently pry off the timer knob. Depending on the age of the appliance, this may be a little difficult. If a screwdriver needs to be used, TAKE CAUTION.
3. Place toaster up-side down on a protected surface.
4. Remove the (4) four feet and (2) two screws securing the bottom plate. (All Phillips head). Remove base plate.
5. Place the toaster up-right and remove all (5) five Phillips head screws securing the right hand (wide) side cover, removing the top screw last.
6. Place the toaster again on its back and gently separate the cover from the toaster. Connected wires will prevent complete separation.
7. Remove the (2) two Phillips head screws securing the timer to the cover. NOTE: There are several types of older timers that were used. Don be alarmed if the existing timer doesn look like your replacement timer. If you have a timer that has (2) two wires that are from the power cord and are secured by screws, please have a qualified repair specialist perform the replacement. It is going to entail special tools. After removing all wires from the old timer, secure the new timer to the cover with the FLAT side of the timer shaft facing the top of the toaster or p
8. Attach the existing power cord connectors to the top wire lugs. (These (2) two lugs are vertical.
9. The lower left wire lug (which is horizontal) needs to have the blue/blue or blue/black wires plugged here.
10. The lower right wire lug (which is horizontal) needs to have the red/brown wires connected here.
11. With the new timer switch installed and wired accordingly, join the side cover to the toaster and at this time, secure with only (1) one screw.
12. Place toaster up-right (normal position), plug toaster into power outlet and turn timer past (2) two. At this time, the selected toasting slots should be heating up. You may now choose another selection and these too should begin heating.
13. After timer has stopped, unplug the appliance and let cool.
14. After toaster has sufficiently cooled, reverse steps 5-1 to re-assemble your toaster.
If there are any further questions, please don hesitate to contact us at 201.439.1700 or E-mail us at info@electra-craft.com.